We have also helped hundreds of home residents and small business owners. 

As we said before, 

No job too big or small.

Quote from an esteemed client, "For ten hours, I had a 'technician' trying to fix my business network infrastructure which consists of three computers which work with two printers all at once.  They were testing it instead of fixing it, and after all that time, they couldn't fix it. Lawise came, and after being here for three hours, everything is working terrific. Thanks so much!!  --The Share Institute, Soheir Stolba, PhD and President



Courtesy, fast solutions, expertise, and honesty are the basis for our success.






We have helped companies from start-ups to industry giants develop successful software solutions. Through services ranging from business analysis and systems software architecture to development and knowledge transfer, we have built and maintained a reputation of high customer satisfaction.

Telecommunications & Utilities
CNA Communications, Pacific Gas & Electric, Charter Communications, Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions, Inc., Amber Communications, Pacific Bell Internet Services, Southwestern Bell, Telstra Multimedia, Ameritech Interactive, Digex, UUNET Technologies

Financial Services
Bank Of America,  Lycos Finance, Maryfield Fund, eSurance, Tom C. Clarke & Associates, Meritus Research, Brouwer & Janachowski, Kransco, Moneysteps, CAMP Six, Inc., NetOyster, Paladin, Reed Wasden & Associates, The Entrepreneurs Foundation

Microsoft Corp., Novell, Netscape, CMP Publications, Inc., DevX, CNET, Autodesk, Agile Software,  KAO, Zinio Systems, Inc., Fawcette Technical Publications, TRADEC, Z2K, Inc., Itochu, Lumin Technology, Houghton Mifflin Company, Amplitude Software Corp., Bridge Medical, Inc., ManageWise, Millennium Broadcast, Inc., Creation Labs, Inc., Stereographics, Red Rock Media Ltd., WordPerfect, Atlas Travel Technology

Consumer and Wholesale
Albertson's, Yakima Products, Paramount Pictures, Eddie Bauer, Eastman Kodak Company, Peet's Coffee and Tea, Alcoa, AllPizza.com, Americas Mart Atlanta, Americasmart.com, PurpleTie, Inc., Toy World, eHow, Inc., Turbo City Corp., ZuluSports, Kidsoft, Inc., New Century Chamber Orchestra, Stereographics, Times Union, WordPerfect Magazine, Alcoa

Government and Defense
California Travel and Tourism Commission, Orange County Finance Dept., Raytheon.

Quote.com, AmericasMart.com, Zinio Systems, Inc., TRADEC, PurpleTie, Inc., Inc., DevX, Amplitude Software Corporation, eSurance, Moneysteps, Millennium Broadcast, Inc., Group 5, ZuluSports, Bridge Medical, Inc., TwoCan, Inc., Z2K, Inc., Lumin Technology, Net Oyster

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